August 26,2018 - NOTE: Newest Videos are Below

The Malibu Rock (3 Truths Taught thru Tough Times)

Dr. Michael B Brown

August 30, 2018 - Bible Study Part 1- Dr. Michael B. Brown

Lesson 1 - Gospel of Mark

Notes: Gospel of Mark - Lesson Notes

September 2, 2018

The Only Things That Make Sense - Dr. Michael B Brown

2018-09-06 Bible Study Part 2 - Dr. Michael B. Brown

Lesson II - The Gospel of Matthew

Notes: Gospel of Matthew


Behaviour Counts - Dr. Michael B Brown

2018-09-13 Bible Study Part 3 - Dr. Michael B Brown

Lesson III -  The Gospel of Luke

Notes: The Gospel of Luke


If I Could Start Over - Dr. Michael B Brown

2018-09-20 Bible Study Part 4 - Dr. Michael B. Brown

Lesson IV - The Gospel of John

Notes: The Gospel of John


You Are What You Think -  Dr. Michael B. Brown

2018-09-30 Last Sunday for 2018 Summer Season

Symbol and Sacrament - Dr. Michael B. Brown